Message Center - SMS Push

Push messages are messages sent to consumers’ mobile devices who have opted in to receive recurring SMS marketing content. Image of Portal

Page Components

# Name Description
1 Provider Select a long or short code provider.
2 Number Select the number to send and receive messages over.
3 Message Name (For internal purposes only) – this is the message name (the message template name) that will be stored for this campaign.
4 Message This is the message that will be delivered to the mobile device when the end-user texts into the number with the programmed keyword. Any URL entered into this text box will be shortened at time of said.
5 Location Insert (If configured) by selecting the store location from the drop-down, the URL for the store location page will be inserted into the message. This URL will be shortened at time of send.
6 Audience If desired click on the audience segment in which you wish to send messages to.
7 Message Preview This is the message preview of how the message will be delivered to the user (URLS will be shortened at time of send).
8 Start Date The start date and time that this campaign will become active.
9 End Date The end date and time the this campaign will become inactive.
10 Campaigns For organizational purposes only – associate's campaign program with an giving campaign of associated messages.