Message Center - SMS Pull

Pull messages are responses to requests made by a mobile device user texting a keyword to a short or long code. Image of Portal

Page Components

# Name Description
1 Provider Select a long or short code provider.
2 Number Select the number to send and receive messages over.
3 Keyword Select the keyword that the respondent can text into receive programmed response.
4 Opt-In Select Yes to capture the respondent as an opt-in, once the respondent agrees to opt-in they will receive the programmed response. that consumer can text into receive programmed response. Select No to send respondent programmed response without capturing an opt-in.
5 Message Name (For internal purposes only) – this is the message name (the message template name) that will be stored for this campaign.
6 Message This is the message that will be delivered to the mobile device when the end-user texts into the number with the programmed keyword. Any URL entered into this text box will be shortened at time of said.
7 Location Insert (If configured) by selecting the store location from the drop-down, the URL for the store location page will be inserted into the message. This URL will be shortened at time of send.
8 Audience If desired click on the audience segment in which you wish to add respondents to this campaign to.
9 Message Preview This is the message preview of how the message will be delivered to the user (URLS will be shortened at time of send).
10 Start Date The start date and time that this campaign will become active.
11 End Date The end date and time the this campaign will become inactive.
11 Campaigns For organizational purposes only – associate's campaign program with an giving campaign of associated messages.